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About the brand

Columbus, OH isn't exactly known for it's barbeque, but City Barbeque opened their doors in 1999 and began working to change that perception.  As the company expanded into regions that are rich with barbeque history, they continued to thrive and win awards for their competition quality 'que. 

The brand is anchored on authenticity and a devotion to the craft of barbeque. The craft of barbeque extends far past the food and can be found in every aspect of what the company does. As the Creative Lead for the company, I have to keep that in the front of my mind at the start of every project. It's very exciting to work in a place that values a dedication to craft.

Logo slider._oldvnewpsd.jpg

Logo Redesign

The original City Barbeque logo had been around from the start of the company in 1999. The owner of the company, Rick Malir, had a friend help him design this logo and it had adorned the company he built from scratch for 16 years. You can imagine I was a little nervous when I presented him with a document outlining what was wrong with the original logo from a functional standpoint. Luckily, he agreed that it was time to refresh the mark, and I got to work. 

I have done numerous logos and a few rebrands, but nothing of this magnitude. My strategy was to maintain as much of the original logo's vibe as possible, while strengthening it's stance and creating a more practical and flexible logo. The final product does exactly that. As a long-time fan of City Barbeque, I was very grateful to be trusted with this project and very happy with the result.


City Barbeque App Redesign (2018)

City BBQ app design.png
Polaris interior_reduced.jpg

Directed Interior Design of new restaurants (2018)


website for my website.jpg Redesign (2018)

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