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CampusParc brought us in to give their website a facelift. We created an illustration of Ohio State University's iconic campus, with three seasonal variations to be swapped out every four months to keep the site looking fresh.

In addition to the main page header images (above), we created four additional header illustrations for their most visited pages:

CampusParc-Header Image-Desktop-Resources V2.jpg

RESOURCES – Illustration: Chris Blain

CampusParc-Header Image-Desktop-Find Parking.jpg

FIND PARKING – Illustration: John Zidar

CampusParc-Header Image-Desktop-Pay Citation.jpg

PAY A CITATION – Illustration: Chris Blain

With the rollout of these designs falling during the initial spread of Covid-19 in the United States, we added masks to the individuals on the "Get A Permit" page to emphasize their commitment to safety. 


GET A PERMIT – Illustration: Dorian Lafferre & Chris Blain

In addition to these page headers, we created various social media

posts to support CampusParc's initiatives: 

CampusParc_Aug 1st post_option 2.jpg
OSU Locations Drawn - Shoe.jpg

Illustration: Chris Blain

OSU Locations Drawn - Gateway.jpg

Illustration: Chris Blain


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